How it Works


How ChumAround Works!

From the world’s most popular destinations to the tiny cities and villages near you— they all have hidden delights— with twisty streets and secret windows that afford you the opportunity to see a place from a fresh angle or even experience it free from the touristy crowds.

Much like a detective, finding how and where to get off the beaten path, be that far from the tourist trail or directly on it, has always required looking for clues, following your gut, and taking a few calculated risks — until now!

Welcome to Chumaround!

Chumaround makes it easy for travellers to connect with local people (hosts) that share common interests so that it’s easier for them to enjoy the cities they visit while doing activities that truly interest them.

Secret gems are secret for a reason: exploring places where locals shop, discovering places where only locals eat, exploring the quiet streets in an overly crowded city is much easier with a person that lives locally.  

Host’s give an insider’s view on where to go and what to see and can help visitors cut the lines, dodge the crowds and help visitors connect more intimately with their travel experience.

How it Works for Guests

As a guest on Chumaround, you can connect with a local that shares your personal interests and that can make suggestions on what you might see or do before your visit.

How it Works for Hosts

As a local host on Chumaround, you can easily earn extra money in your free time. You choose choose your hourly rate and organize your schedule as you please, so that you can show international visitors the best of your city in your free time!