There's no better way to experience a city than by chumming around with a local host that shares your interests. 10378 hosts and counting!

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Some of life’s sweetest moments happen when you allow yourself to be a little bit spontaneous. When you chum around with locals and explore those twisty streets, you’ll discover new places, meet cool people and do amazing things.

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You can select any local host to chum around with, but we've asked them to highlight one thing they enjoy most. This makes it easier for you to connect with people that share your interests.

Recent Reviews
Monica reviewed a "chum around" with Victoria in San Francisco, CA
Victoria, our host, was very helpful and always ensured we were comfortable during or chum around San Francisco. She took us through different neighborhoods and showed a lot of beautiful places with great photo ops. She also gave us historical info and anecdotes that really made this experience one of our favorites—ever.
Phillip reviewed a "chum around" with Johnathon in Las Vegas, NV
We spent 10 days in Vegas and the highlight of our trip was our time with Jonathon. He was personable, knowledgeable and a great host. He was patient with us, answering questions, and offering suggestions on how to get the most out of our time there. He even told us he is happy to receive email questions in the future. We are very happy with our experience.
Samantha reviewed a "chum around" with Rusty in Dallas, TX
We spent an incredible morning with Rusty in Dallas. He has such a keen eye and knows just how to help us set up our photos to get some beautiful pictures. We also loved the stories and history and information he shared with us. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an insiders view into Dallas and capturing incredible pictures of the beautiful city.
Dan reviewed a "chum around" with Kyla in Denver, CO
Kyla was amazing – – very entertaining and extremely competent. She was literally the most knowledgeable person I have ever met and she really made the made out time together both entertaining and informative. There were also some nice stops along the way, enabling us to take some amazing photos.
Why chumaround with locals?
Enjoy an out-of-the-box experience

Local hosts are not official tour guides and there are no pre-packaged itineraries. This gives you the freedom to decide the activities you want to do. You can take a turn down any twisty street, or browse any fancy shop that catches your eye, giving you the option to make on-the-spot decisions and enjoy whatever comes your way.

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Gain deeper insight into a city

Local host can do more than simply guide you to the landmarks and places you might have read about in a travel guide. They can show you what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’; the hidden gems, local customs, rituals and etiquette. They can teach you basic conversation skills, give you transportation suggestions, safety tips, and more.

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Make lasting friendships

Since you can read the profiles of local hosts and talk with them beforehand, you’ll find it easy to connect with locals that share similar opinions, and have similar interests as you. When you chum around with someone like you, you’ll find it much easier to meet people and make new friends in the cities you visit.

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