About Us

ChumAround & Enjoy Whatever Comes Your Way

There’s no better way to truly experience a city than by chumming around with a local host that shares your interests. You can use ChumAround to connect with locals if you’re traveling somewhere for business, pleasure or relocation. You can also use it if you’re simply visiting a city that’s just around the corner from where you live. Whether you enjoy art, food, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, or culture, now you can connect and chum around with locals, everywhere you go!

What is ChumAround?

ChumAround helps people visiting a new city (Guests) connect with people who are ready to show off what they love most about where they live (Local Hosts). There are no official tour guides, formal guided excursions, or pre-packaged itineraries.  Local hosts and their guest simply arrange meeting times and discuss things to do, and the actual experience becomes more flexible and impromptu than a formal formal tour. You can take a turn at any narrow street or walk into any café, store or market that catches your eye, giving you the chance to make spontaneous decisions and enjoy whatever comes your way.

The ChumAround website makes it easy to connect with local hosts that want to share not only the landmarks and places you might have read about in a travel guide, but also what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’; the hidden gems and their favorite spots. You’ll see some amazing places, meet some cool people, and do incredible things that only locals know about.

From some of the most popular cities around the world like Rome, Paris and New York to less-visited cities such as Fargo and Boise, with ChumAround, you’re only a few clicks away from finding the perfect local host to chum around with.